Be Strong in the Lord

Joshua 1:17  tells us that God has something He wants to give us.  We have to be strong in the Lord. The Lord was with Joshua as he was with Moses.  Be strong in the Lord.

John 3:17  Nikodemus, a ruler of the Jews, was ashamed to come to Jesus.  He knew that Jesus was a teacher of the Word of God.  Jesus gave Nikodemus the way to be born again spiritually…not by man’s system.

Romans 12:3  tells us that God has given to each a measure of faith.  Everything in the Kingdom of God is activated by faith.  A description of keeping us on faith, is by getting answers to pray, through healing and through deliverance.

Mark 4:35Matthew 8:23-26  tells us what is Faith, how Faith comes, and how to turn your Faith a loose.

Luke 7: 4  Jesus told The Centurian that he had no faith. 

Luke 17:5  talks about wavering Faith

James 1:2-5 tells us of anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask in Faith.

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