To Know God’s Ways

God wants us to know His ways as His ways are always better than our ways.  God cares about all the people of this earth and wants everyone to know Him.  God always wants us to follow Him and not follow after the things of the world.

Isaiah 55: 6-9  says to:

Vs.6  Seek God’s ways while He may be found; 

Vs. 7  …the wicked should forsake their ways and turn to God’s ways;

Vs. 8  …that His thoughts are higher that our thoughts;

Vs.9  The heavens are higher that the earth, so My ways are higher that your ways and My thoughts are higher that your thoughts.

In 1 Samuel 8:  God always wants us to follow him.  The children of Israel told Samuel that they wanted a King to judge them like other nations.  The Lord told Samuel that the children were not against him, but that they were against God.

God told Samuel to tell the children of Israel what a King would do to them.  Samuel told them and they still wanted a king, and the king did exactly what the Lord had told Samuel what the king would do.

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