The Power of the Word

The power of the Word is our lifeline.  Jesus took time to teach about the Kingdom of God.  Jesus wanted us to understand that there is power in the Lord. There is power in the Word.

There will be those who will receive the Word and those who will not.  We all need the Word of God.  We need the strength of the Word.  We have to press in and take hold of things that we want God to do for us.  We cannot give up.

Matthew 28:18   When we talk about power, we talk about authority.  We cannot allow doubt to come in and have the promises of God.

Mark 16:15   Tells us to go into all the world and preach the gospel.  His power only works when we let God lead us.

Matthew 9: 27-28   Jesus asked the disciples did they believe?  The disciples said, “Yes, Lord, we believe” and according to their faith they were healed.  The same is now as in the days of the disciples.  If we have faith in God we have to believe what we are asking for just as the disciples did.

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