Faith Under Pressure

You have to prepare to succeed. Winning comes only after preparation. The secret behind every great victory is preparation. You must prepare to win. Prepare to win in God’s kingdom by opening your heart to His Word. Prepare to win by having faith in God. Have faith not matter your circumstances. Have faith in God and you will have faith under pressure.

Faith in Gods Word

In Daniel 2:1-9, 13, 24-29 we learn about King Nebuchadnezzar’s troubling dreams and how Daniel interpreted the dream. The king didn’t like what he heard and he sought to kill Daniel. However, Daniel had faith under pressure. He believed that God would deliver him. Have faith in God for He will do for us what He did for Daniel.

In Job 33:15-17 we learn that God speaks to us through our dreams. When our minds are at rest and we can’t let our flesh get in the way God speaks to us. Yield your heart and your mind to Gods Word. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous person makes God’s dynamic power available. He is the God of the impossible.

Faith Under Pressure

Proverbs 3:25-26 instructs us to not be afraid of sudden terror nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes;. The Lord will be your confidence. Stand upon the Word of God. If you stand upon the Word of God you will have great victory. Let God prepare you for the victory that He has planned for you. Learn to trust the Lord. Learn to have faith under pressure.

How can we be so confident? In 1 John 5:14 Paul explains to us that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us. Preparation in our faith in God gives us that confidence. Faith under pressure IS that confidence. If we know who we are in Christ and we know that we are the righteousness of Christ Jesus we have the victory.

Come to Family Worship Center (or watch these teachings online) and prepare yourself for God’s glory. Prepare yourself for divine healing. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word. Come hear and be healed!

Join in our hearts by watching this video. Remember, God is our fortress. Through His Word we have faith under pressure.

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